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Misaki Tea Infuser is for the true lovers of green tea. It enables you to have green tea from full leaves, just the way it should be had. Green tea is full of health benefits with its Vitamins and polyphenols. They are destroyed when the tea is powdered and exposed to oxidation. Hence green tea from full leaves is the best.
Green tea leaves must be steeped for 1 minute and the tea can be had at an easy pace. This process must be repeated 5 times for full extraction of goodness. During this process the tea leaves must not be continuously dipped in water, otherwise the tea will become bitter. MISAKI enables you to do this very easily.
Method: Place green tea leaves inside the steel mesh. Pour boiling water and close the lid. You will see it stays inside the top container and doesn’t flow down. Allow the tea to steep for a minute. Then, push the button on the top. The water will flow down into the main jar. Now enjoy the tea for as long as you wish. Repeat the process 5 times.
  • Crafted with clear borosilicate glass
  • Stainless-steel infuser with fine mesh for steeping
  • Use everyday for weight loss and other health benefits
  • A sophisticated gift exuding class and taste
  • Package Content: 1 Tea Infuser
  • Capacity: 750ml


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