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WONDERCHEF Tandoor Family Size Grill (WON212) 52121212


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With its motto of ‘Cook with Pride’, Wonderchef offers a range of healthy and innovative kitchenware across the country. All Wonderchef products adhere to the global standards in design, innovation, and quality of manufacturing and are backed by the famed Wonderchef top-notch service. When you choose Wonderchef, you choose a healthy lifestyle, you choose finer things in life. The most admired appliance of Indian kitchens, Wonderchef Sanjeev Kapoor Tandoor is crafted from steel and metal. Designed in such a way that very little amount of oil is enough to prepare healthy food.


  • Power: 1600W
  • Voltage: 240V
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Plate size : 24.6cm x 23.6cm
  • ADJUSTABLE SLOPE TO REMOVE EXCESS OIL: The Sanjeev Kapoor Tandoor Standard Size (SKT) electric griller & sandwich maker lets you adjust the slope to control the amount of oil used in your dishes, promoting healthier cooking by draining excess oil.Enjoy almost oil-free cooking with the SKT without compromising on taste. Prepare healthy and delicious dishes in the comfort of your home.
  • VERSATILE COOKING (3-in-1) : This mini appliance offers versatile cooking options, allowing you to Grill, Toast and Roast a variety of delicious dishes with ease.
  • 180° OPENING: Experience the joy of crispy and crunchy food with the SKT’’s 180° grilling capability & utilize both sides of the electric tandoor. Perfect for Aloo Tikkis, Paneer Tikka, Pizza, Panini and simultaneous grilling of Patties and Buns.
  • FLEXI-HINGE: The Sanjeev Kapoor Tandoor Standard Size (SKT) features a flexi-hinge that adjusts according to the height of the food, ensuring even cooking of thick items like sandwiches. Enjoy perfectly cooked meals every time.
  • THERMOSTAT: Enjoy precise temperature control with the SKT’s 10-step thermostat control. From low to high heat, adjust the temperature for perfect cooking conditions and prevent overheating.The SKT also features superfast heating, allowing you to prepare meals quickly and save time in the kitchen.
  • LED INDICATOR: The red color indicates dark browning, while green indicates light browning. Achieve the desired level of browning for perfectly cooked food.
  • OIL COLLECTOR TRAY: The SKT includes an oil collector tray that efficiently removes excess oil, making your dishes healthier and reducing mess.
  • SEPARATE VEG & NON-VEG GRILLING: Keep vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes separate with the separate grilling options. Enjoy the convenience of preparing a variety of grilled dishes simultaneously.


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