WONDERCHEF Bundle Duralife Slim Glass Cooktop 3 Burner (WON691) 63154810


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With a slender and compact body, Duralife Slim 3 Burner Cooktop makes for a stunning addition to any kitchen. The jumbo size brass burners, spill proof tray, heavy pan support and dual locking system make your cooking experience smooth and enjoyable. Make Duralife Cooktop your daily culinary partner and relish on perfectly cooked delicacies!


• SUITS ALL TYPES OF KITCHENS: Duralife Slim Cooktop has a slender and compact body, designed to suit all types of kitchens.
• 6MM TOUGHENED GLASS: The cooktop is constructed with a BIS approved 6mm thick toughened glass surface, ensuring durability and resistance to heat and impact. This cooktop provides extra space for cooking on larger vessels.
• STUNNING LOOKS: The glass, with a sleek and modern stainless steel frame, adds an aesthetic appeal to your kitchen space, complementing various kitchen decors and styles.
• LARGE TRI-PIN BRASS BURNERS: The burners are made of high-quality brass, and designed with a tri-pin configuration, offering efficient heat distribution and uniform cooking.
• SAFE PERFORMANCE: The brass gas valves are meticulously engineered for safe and consistent performance.
• HASSLE-FREE CLEANING: A stainless steel drip tray is incorporated into the cooktop design to catch spills and drips, making cleaning easier and keeping the cooktop surface clean and free from stains.
• HIGH STABILITY: The cooktop features heavy-duty pan supports to provide stability and support for various cookware sizes and weights. These supports ensure even heat distribution and prevent accidental tipping of pots and pans.
• ENERGY EFFICIENCY: The burners are designed to maximize energy efficiency, ensuring even heat distribution and minimizing heat loss, which can help reduce gas consumption.


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