WONDERCHEF Glass Oil Pourer with Nozzle and Lid (WON716)


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Introducing Wonderchef No-drip Oil Pourer – designed to perfection for a completely mess-free cooking experience. The unique gravity mechanism automatically opens the spout when the pourer is tilted! What’s more – it ensures zero dripping of oil while pouring with the perfectly sized nozzle and a specially designed lid which takes back even a small drop of oil, this product is a pleasure to use. Use it not just for storing cooking oil, but also for olive oil, vinegar or salad dressing – the choice is yours! Get this product home and enjoy a grease-free cooking experience!
  • Wonderchef No-drip Oil Pourer is designed to ensure zero dripping of oil as you pour even the smallest quantity in your pan.
  • Durable and Long Lasting: Constructed from high-quality, food-grade materials, the pourer is designed to withstand regular use and resist corrosion.
  • It has the perfect sized nozzle to provide a seamless and convenient pouring experience. The special design of the lid ensures that even a single extra drop flows back into the container. No more oil spills or greasy residue.
  • Transparent Design: The pourer’s transparent body allows you to monitor the oil levels and avoid any last-minute surprises while cooking.
  • Gravity Mechanism: Unique gravity mechanism is a pleasure to work with. The spout of the pourer opens automatically as you tilt the jar giving it an almost magical effect.
  • No Greasy Stains: As this unique oil pourer ensures that your oil does not drip after pouring, it avoids any sticky or greasy stains on your kitchen slab.
  • Ideal Nozzle Size: The nozzle is designed to accommodate various types of oils, from thick and viscous to thin and runny. Its ideal size allows you to control the flow of oil according to your requirement.
  • Easy To Clean: The detachable components and smooth surface make it effortless to clean the pourer thoroughly, ensuring no residue or cross contamination between different oils.
  • Multi-purpose Use: Apart from oils, the pourer can be used for other liquids like vinegar, dressings, or even sauces, making it a versatile tool in your kitchen.


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