WONDERCHEF Cold Press Slow Juicer (WON717)


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Wonderchef Cold Press Slow Juicer – Compact makes healthiest pulpy juice packed with nutrients. Bring the slow juicer home today for a healthy lifestyle and keep your family stay fit always! The juice from the slow juicer is full of enzymes and essential fibers making this your ideal partner for fitness. The slow juicing technology mimics the hand squeezing motion for juicing to guarantee retention of all essential nutrients, otherwise lost in regular juicers.

Owing to the fast-paced lifestyle today, getting recommended daily nutrition from food may get difficult. Fresh fruit juice can come to the rescue and charge you up with a nutritional boost. Regalia Full Fruit Cold Press Slow Juicer by Wonderchef brings packs a nutritional boost with the goodness of enzymes and vitamins. The juicer operates at 55 RPM and extracts juice with a gentle squeezing process. The slow juicing technology mimics the hand-squeezing motion for juicing to guarantee the retention of all essential nutrients, otherwise lost in regular juicers.
  • 50% More Juice: Unlike the regular high-speed juicers that extract a thin watery liquid as juice while throwing away all essential nutrients, Regalia Full Fruit Cold Press Slow Juicer retains fiber in the juice. It throws out only dry, indigestible, hard fiber as residue and yields 50% more juice.
  • Powerful and Nutritional: The vertical cold press juicer features a high-torque, low-speed 240W motor that quietly spins at 55 RPM to produce minimal heat buildup and oxidation for juice that extracts maximum immunity-boosting and health-enhancing nutrients, vitamins, and enzymes.
  • Time Saver: Large inlet feed with 76mm diameter to put the whole fruit in the juicer without cutting it into smaller pieces, which means less prep time.
  • Easy to Clean: No-drip spout and dishwasher-safe components take the chore out of juicing. It has no sharp blades, so it is safe and easy to clean.
  • Build to Last: High-quality DC motor made of 100% pure copper operates at low noise and has a built-in over-heat protection system for longer motor life.
  • 5-Year Motor Warranty: 2-year warranty on the product and a 5-year month warranty on the powerful motor.

Juice everything

Cold Press Juicer – Compact can squeeze fruits, vegetables, nuts and even beans. Make delicious home-made juices to detox, build immunity and enhance vitamins intake in your body. It has high torque which ensures smooth juicing process even with hard fruits or vegetables. Begin a healthy life today!

High Juice Yield

Enzymes are essential for growth and immunity. They are derived from raw fruits and vegetables. When juicing fruits, enzymes get killed due to high heat generated. Since Wonderchef Cold Press Juicer operates at slow speed, the enzymes stay protected. And also you get more juice and very minimal residue.

Powerful body

The motor operates at low decibel levels, making the juicer a silent operator in the kitchen. The brushed steel body gives a classy look to the juicer. The motor comes with Reverse function mode to avoid any overload due to heavy accumulation of fibers or hard pulp.

Cold press technology

Technology that helps extract healthiest, tastiest juice at a slow pace with grinding action, without generating heat.

Lock the nutrients

The convenient plug on the container prevents the juice from dripping and enables precise pouring when needed.

Special brush for cleaning

The upgrade cleaning brush with a specially designed end can easily remove the pulp in the outlet.










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