WONDERCHEF Non-Stick Duralife Pan with rim 28cm Copper (WON689) 63154792


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Get a superior cooking experience with the Wonderchef Duralife Cookware. It features an exquisite Copper colour with reddish brown hues and stunning light wood-finish handles. Crafted with pure-grade die-cast aluminium and professional-grade Duramax Japanese non-stick coating the range includes a kadhai with a lid, a fry pan, a grill pan and a dosa tawa. Add timeless elegance to your kitchen and get consistent stellar performance with Duralife Cookware by Wonderchef.
  • STYLISH COOKWARE – Duralife Die-cast Fry Pan adds elegance to your kitchen with its Copper colour and wood-finish soft-touch handle, offering a comfortable grip.
  • HEALTHY COOKING MADE EASY – DURAMAX Japanese non-stick coating ensures minimal oil use, excellent abrasion resistance, and is 100% free from PFOA for healthy cooking.
  • NO DEFORMATION – Duralife Die-cast Fry Pan is highly durable, never loses its shape, features a 4mm thick base and rim for higher strength, and retains its original shape even after prolonged use.
  • STRONG & DURABLE – Pure Aluminium cast retains its shape even after being pressed repeatedly by an SUV in a load test, thanks to its special property of Aluminium. When molten Aluminium is poured into a cast and solidified, it turns into concrete.
  • VERSATILE – Cook a variety of dishes with the Fry Pan including fried eggs, pancakes, fish, grilled cheese, cutlets, pan fried noodles and more
  • ENERGY-EFFICIENT – Pure grade virgin aluminium offers 9 times better heat conduction, cooking your meals faster while saving energy and time.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL COOKING SURFACES – Use on gas cooktops, hot plates, infrared cooktops, and ceramic cooktops for maximum flexibility in your kitchen.
  • OPTIMUM SIZES FOR EASE OF COOKING – Duralife Fry Pan is crafted in optimum size of 24 cm.
  • IDEAL FOR GIFTING – Loaded with features and beautiful looks, the Duralife Fry Pan is an ideal choice for gifting, and a perfect addition to your loved ones’ kitchen.

Uplift your culinary experience with the Wonderchef Duralife dosa tawa. Crafted from pure-grade aluminium Die-cast technology, Duralife dosa tawa is designed to last for years to come. A perfect expression of your artistic endeavours matched with superior quality. The Duramax Japanese non-stick is healthy and free of any harmful chemicals. Add timeless elegance and get a consistently stellar performance with Duralife Die-cast Dosa Tawa Pan by Wonderchef.

Healthy Duramax Non-Stick Coating

Professional grade Duramax non-stick coating engineered by Japanese precision is PFOA-free and heavy metals-free. The coating has been tested for 7000+ cycles for abrasion resistance. This ensures years of usage without any harm that may come from cheap coatings that peel off easily.

Cookware as Fashion

Duralife tawa features an exquisite copper colour in reddish brown hues and light wood-finish handles to add a dash of flair to your kitchen.

No Deformation – Proven by SUV Test

Proven by a rigorous test, the Duralife range is so sturdy that even if an SUV car goes over it, the cookware doesn’t lose its shape. That’s right, we drove an SUV repeatedly over different pans, while the pressed pans lose their shape, Duralife Die-cast pans retained their original shape perfectly. Thanks to the special property of pure aluminium. When molten metal is poured into a cast and solidified, it becomes as hard as concrete.

Pure Grade Virgin Aluminium

Virgin aluminium is 9 times better conductor of heat, cooks faster, and saves energy and time. It helps to cook food evenly without burning or undercooking as well. We do not use recycled aluminium which is generally found in cheaper products. This Kadhai is crafted with heavy and strong build quality and features a 4mm thick base and rim for better cooking.

Ergonomic Wood-Finish Soft touch Handles

Ergonomically designed, light wood-finish soft-touch handles complement well with Kadhai and lend a comfortable grip.

Multipurpose Kadhai with Lid

Make dosas, uttapams, sandwiches, omelets, parathas, pancakes, pizzas and more using this tawa. Accentuate the beauty of your kitchen with Duralife dosa tawa!

Compatible with all Cooking Surfaces

It can be used on all cooking surfaces – stove top, gas cooktop, induction cooktop, hot plate and infrared cooktop.

Wash & Care

To clean, hand wash the cookware in warm, soapy water, and then rinse and thoroughly hand dry. Safety Instructions

  1. For added longevity, pre-heat on low flame for 1 minute Cook on Low to Medium flame for best performance.
  2. Use silicone or nylon spatula to avoid any damage to the non-stick coating.
  3. When on a gas cooktop, use a burner nearest in size to the diameter of the pan bottom to avoid hot spots, over-heating of sidewalls and handles.
  4. Wash when cooled, do not place heated pan directly on any wet surface to avoid thermo-shock and to keep the coating safe.
  5. When using it on ceramic- or glass-topped cooking surface, avoid dragging the cookware to protect the cooking surface.
  6. Avoid placing pans one inside another to avoid scratches on inner side of the product.


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