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Highly durable, Faster & Even Cooking, Environment-Friendly, Contemporary design & Metal spatula friendly

  • Highly Durable – The excellent chemical properties of anodized aluminum make it sturdy and long lasting. The surface is much harder than steel, is durable and resistant to chips and cracks.
  • Faster & Even Cooking – Aluminum provides excellent heat conductivity, which makes for an evenly heated surface, thus resulting in faster cooking.
  • Environment-Friendly – Hard Anodized cookware is non-toxic and does not release any destructive by-products or chemicals.
  • Contemporary design – The handsome dark finish with riveted handles and elegant curves, makes it look attractive as well as functional.
  • Metal spatula friendly – With a thick exterior coating, anodized aluminum provides color stability and a metallic finish which does not wear off easily.

Wonderchef Tadka Pan Large 11 cm

Stunning grey color with elegant steel handle, the Tadka Pan from Wonderchef is a beautiful mélange of style and functionality. Premium quality hard anodized coating on pure grade aluminum makes the pan 2.4 times harder than steel. The hard anodized surface is non-toxic and non-reactive, thus ensuring your food does not get spoilt.

Wonderchef Tadka Pan (Seasoning Pan) is an essential kitchen tool especially for Indian kitchens where food preparation includes tempering the dishes. Indian dals and curries need an additional tadka to make the dish perfect!

Temper your dals, kadhis, dhoklas and sabzis with Wonderchef Tadka Pan!

Temper your dishes

Add a special touch to your dishes! Temper your dals, kadhis, dhoklas, khandvi, sabzis and much more. A must-have in your kitchen!

Hard Anodized Coating

This pan delivers high quality performance with the help of the thick anodized coating. This coating makes the pan 2.4 times harder than steel. The coating is non-toxic, stain and corrosion-resistant. It does not react with food and retains the flavors.

Riveted Handle

Elegant steel handle is firmly riveted to the surface does not get heated or interfere with the cooking surface. It gives you a firm grip thus enhancing your cooking experience.

Metal Spoon friendly

With a thick anodized coating, this pan provides durability and does not get scratched on using a metal spoon.

Highly Durable

The excellent chemical properties of anodized aluminum will not let the pan pit, tarnish or corrode. It looks new for many years.

Compatible With Cooking Surfaces

It can be used on all cooking surfaces – stove top, gas cooktop, hot plate, infrared cooktop and ceramic cooktops.

Easy Care & Safety Instructions

To clean, hand wash the cookware in warm, soapy water, and then rinse and thoroughly hand dry.

Safety Instructions

1. For added longevity, pre-heat on low flame for 1 minute only. Cook on low to medium flame for best performance.

2. When on a gas cooktop, use a burner nearest in size to the diameter of the pan bottom to avoid hot spots, over-heating of sidewalls and handles.

3. Wash when cooled, do not place heated pan directly on any wet surface to avoid thermo-shock and to keep the coating safe.

4. When using it on ceramic- or glass-topped cooking surface, avoid dragging the cookware to protect the cooking surface.

5. Avoid placing pans one inside another to avoid scratches on inner side of cookware.


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