WONDERCHEF Hygiene Prato Oven Sterilizer (WON489) 63153564

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Kills 99.5% bacteria and destroys Replication ability of Virus by fusing the RNA

  • It is essential to disinfect everything you get into your home as the surface is touched by numerous people and may carry bacteria and virus. Wonderchef Health-Gear Anti-Viral Oven is the most effective way of keeping your family safe from the risk of contamination and infections.
  • It kills 99.5% germs that are there on the surface of your food, gadgets and other accessories with exposure to Ultra Violet C light (UVC).
  • UVC rays have a short-wavelength of 250-270 nm or 270 X 10^(-9) m. This is of the order of the size of the virus causing SARS or Corona Infection & hence is highly effective in transmitting energy to the organism. This fuses the RNA of the virus and deactivates its capability to multiply, rendering It harmless.
  • Place the products in the oven and switch on UVC light with 15-minute timer. The surface would get disinfected. Them is no rise in temperature so everything can be placed inside safely.
  • Suitable for sanitizing fresh vegetables, fruits, milk packets, biscuits, namkeen, all kinds of food packets, sauce bottles, masks, smartphones, earphones, pens, wallets, clinical tools, currency notes, coins, watches & other accessories.
  • The inner chamber is made of steel in bright mirror finish and reflects UVC rays to give uniform exposure to the entire surface area offering 360° surface sterilization. Even the glass door has a special reflective coating for increased effectiveness.
  • UV tubes ensure consistent frequency and wavelength of UVC light for highest effectiveness, and last longer.
  • Reliable Wonderchef Warranty, T&C Apply.


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