WONDERCHEF Roma Tea Spoon – Gold Plated – Set of 6pcs (WON655)63154088

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Bring elegance to your table with Wonderchef’s premium cutlery collection, Roma. This beautiful set of 6 tea spoons is the perfect addition to your tea set. Use it for stirring sugar in your tea and coffee cups. Our Roma Cutlery gold plated range is an example of using gold metallic opulence coupled with an absolutely stainless steel body, giving a touch of elegance.

Made by high-quality electroplating, this stainless steel cutlery range redefines luxury. It is a perfect addition to the family table for special parties and gatherings.

Our collection is also dishwasher friendly. Bring home Roma tea spoon set and add elegance to your tea & coffee drinking moments.

Wash Care

  • Do not leave cutlery to soak or drain in dishwasher / Sink for long time.
  • Do not clean your stainless steel cutlery using abrasive or items like steel wool.
  • Always use a mild detergent to clean your stainless steel cutlery using a soft sponge.
  • Avoid stainless steel cutlery to come in direct contact with aluminum as it releases chlorine which can lead to discoloration of stainless steel.
  • While using a dishwasher to clean the cutlery, always load the dishwasher with the handles of the forks and spoons pointing down and the knife handles up.
  • Dry your cutlery immediately after washing . Use a soft cloth to do so.

Stainless Steel

All pieces of Roma Cutlery are crafted in premium stainless-steel with adequate thickness and uniform weight distribution. This rust resistant range of cutlery is totally dishwasher safe.

Caring for Cutlery

The best way to treat you cutlery is hand washing. Always use mild detergents and soft sponge to clean. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or steel wool, scrubbing pads and bleach detergents. Wash your cutlery as soon as possible and do not leave cutlery to soak or drain in dishwasher / sink for long time. After washing, dry with a soft cloth. Avoid a direct contact of stainless steel cutlery with aluminium as it releases chlorine, which can lead to discoloration of stainless steel.

Enjoy delicacies

Enjoy delicacies with these elegantly designed tea spoons.

Bring cheer to table

With joyful design and crafted to perfection shape, bring cheer tea and snack time as you set up your table with this set of 6 tea spoons.

Enjoy tea time

Use it to sweeten your hot drinks and stir up to perfection with the elegant designs to cheer up your mood.




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