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Wonderchef Vegetable Cleaner and Salad Spinner is your first step towards healthy eating. It uses the centrigual force to throw out excess water and pesticides from your greens and other vegetables, leaving them absolutely safe for consumption, even in raw form! Don’t just clean, as this salad spinner also helps mix your salads to perfection, spreading that tasteful dressing evenly through all vegetables and other ingredients! Make this a part of your journey to healthy eating! Raw and leafy vegetables have a lot of chemicals and pesticides and often they are stored in unhygienic conditions. We tend to consume them in raw form, specially mint and coriander leaves which are used to make fresh chutney everyday. To avoid harmful effects of these chemicals, it is essential to wash them thoroughly before use.


• The Solution: Wonderchef Vegetable and Dhaniya Cleaner uses centrifugal force to throw out excess water & pesticides leaving your contents safe to consume.
• Multi-Purpose Use: In addition to cleaning vegetables and leafy greens, the spinner can also be used to dry washed herbs and berries. Transparent Body: The transparent body allows you to monitor the cleaning and spinning process, so you can stop it at the desired time.
• Tasty Salad: For a fresh and crisp salad, rotate leafy vegetables, vinegar, olive oil and salad dressing together. • Easy-to-Clean: The removable parts are designed for easy and quick cleaning, saving you time and effort in maintenance.
• Made of Food-grade Materials: Made from high quality food-grade plastics, this compact cleaner is made to fit perfectly in your kitchen, without occupying too much space. Use it everyday to foster the health and wellness of your family.



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