Compact in size, lightweight and easy to transport and store High-pressure gun with Standard Quick Connect, Suction hose for use of detergents

Normal Price Rs 4390. Promo Rs 3300 Vat Incl.

Wide Applications
Sanford high pressure washer is a perfect for cleaning cars, motorbikes, caravan, and bicycles. You can also use this machine for cleaning patio, fences, garden walls, pathways and removing algae and moss from the roof, brickworks, and guttering.
Spray Gun with Nozzle
Cleaning dust and dirt on hard to reach areas like a sunshade, rooftop, and corners of the ceiling is a tedious cleaning task. It is having the spray gun with adjustable nozzle is feasible for such heavy dirt cleaning processes.
Maximum Pressure
When it comes to pressure our 1200 W motor makes the device totally exceptional with the maximum pressure of 70bar. Like many other traditional washers, Sanford stands out by providing efficiency with its inline maximum pressure.
1200W Brush Motor
One of the most impressive attributes of this everyday gadget is its powerful 1200W universal motor which offers washing speed and power for every needed operation. In addition to that, the durable design of the machine has set it apart from others.
Maximum Flow Rate
Exquisite performance needs an excellent featured tool, as our sanford pressure washer is hugely powerful with a maximum flow rate of 5 lit/min. It increases the quality of cleaning. Our pressure washer makes your task easy.
High pressure washer
This high pressure washer has a brilliant space-saving design and carried effortlessly. It helps in quick cleaning and is easy to assemble and use. It takes approximately 5 minutes to wash a two wheeler and 10 minutes for a four wheeler on a regular day which is less than half the time consumed by cleaning manually. Voltage/Frequency: 200-240V AC, 50/60Hz.

Normal Price Rs 4390. Promo Rs 3300 Vat Incl.

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