MITTICOOL Plain Cooking Handi Sonera 1500ml (MIT105)


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  • Before first use, soak the cooking utensils in water for an hour and give them adequate time to dry. Once the utensil dries, coat it with olive oil. Then proceed to fill it up to three-quarters with water and heat it for at least an hour on low flame, on a stove with a heat diffuser on. Note that this is only to be done once, before first use.
  • Use cooking utensils on a low flame with a heat diffuser below, to prevent cracking.
  • Clean your cooking vessels immediately after its temperature normalises.
  • Soak a soft sponge in tepid water, apply Baking Soda or Lemon Water and gently rub your vessel with soft sponge to clean thoroughly.
  • Give your vessels enough time to dry, this helps to retain their natural finish
  • Make sure to put a cushion of tissue/cloth between each product while stacking.
  • These vessels without any metal attachments are microwave safe, so you can heat conveniently yet eat traditionally.
  • Clay Cookware items are Compatible with Gas stove along with a heat diffuser or Sigdi or Chullah
  • Only cook single item at a time in the clay cooking vessels at low flame.
  • Use a Cloth or a stand to keep the hot Tawa/Cooking vessels. (Due to Temperature difference between hot Vessel and Cold platform, The Pot might develop crack from inside which on cooking, Some part might chip off)



  • Don’t Stack a lot of dishes in the sink while washing.
  • Don’t Put Hot Cooking Vessel on cold surfaces.
  • Don’t Use a stainless steel/metal scrubber to clean.
  • Don’t Use a dishwasher to rinse or wash these products.
  • Don’t Store food in these products for a Long Time
  • Don’t Use these vessels on Induction or coil or Plate or Electric Stoves.
  • Don’t cook multiple items at once in a clay cooking vessel


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